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Inspired by the attention to detail shown in the quality control Shreddies advert, I tracked down the ad company responsible…McCann (Erickson), London.

After some creative inspiration myself I made their building…albeit supervising the Knitting Nana’s themselves…out of Shreddies!

I LOVED every minute of doing it, from making some sketches/taking photos, to then trying to figure out how to build it. Guided by the humble Shreddie I tested every single part on paper first, bit by bit. Yep, so no fancy 3D model/plan to follow, just doing one bit at a time, whilst having to think ahead as to how it will impact the next bit.

Having part of the roof open up to reveal a breakfast bowl full of Shreddies…so much fun!

This project optimises what I LOVE doing. Get in touch if you can help me do it more often.

The colour of the Shreddies never changed, but the settings on my camera seem to have done…

  • Shreddies!
    Nestlé, makers of Shreddies/McCann's client, got up close & personal with the 'Knitting Nanas' model, as shown on the Shreddies Facebook page

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