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By the end of 2018 the Kennel Club had predicted the French Bulldog would be the most popular dog in the UK, knocking the Labrador off the top spot for the first time in 27 years!

Always up for a challenge, the Dog Trust dogs (often mistakenly labeled as an underdog due to some of them not always having the perfect start in life) knew they were a breed apart from all other dogs, and aimed to snatch the title of TOP DOG in Britain right from underneath the French Bulldog’s nez.


Once a dog has been rehomed through the Dogs Trust it becomes one of the family very quickly.

If all goes to plan the story of it being a rehomed dog fades, as much as anyone else talking about where they got their dog from.

UNDERDOG TO TOP DOG seeks to celebrate all Dogs Trust dogs and their owners, reaching their friends and family via social media platforms. #DTtopdog

The campaign also heads outdoors, encouraging all dog owners to get involved too.
The campaign would generate an organic reach, disrupting the behaviour of people considering buying a dog.

The campaign would be underpinned by national PR. Target audiences including: national/local radio/TV stations, animal press, blog influencers, lifestyle magazines…

+ DM to the whole Dogs Trust supporter/employee database

View the full campaign with additional slides and notes

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