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Crystal Palace Overground Festival case study


The Crystal Palace Overground Festival is a community arts festival located in South London. It began in 2006 from humble beginnings, and a meagre budget. Since then it has slowly grown and developed from its original local independent business base, to expand to Westow Park in 2011, securing Big Lottery Funding in 2013, and recently moved again to Crystal Palace Park.

The festival aims to create an event that reflects and promotes the values and aspirations of Crystal Palace, its people and businesses, bringing a sustained boost to the local economy benefiting the whole community.


Over time the existing brand had become out of date, due to the festival programme and audience growing.

The challenge of the marketing team was to refresh the festival identity to create a solid brand which resonated with a broad range of stakeholders – from local independent business owners/ traders, community groups, and individuals – whilst also increasing its profile.


Initially a new festival design was produced by a dedicated design team, which formed the basis of all design elements that followed.

To bring uniformity to independent events taking place by community groups/local businesses, Parasol Marketing produced an event template.

In all cases, despite the content differing, the template not only reinforced a consistent brand, but clearly indicated that the events were part of the festival. In partnership with the individual event organisers Parasol Marketing also designed and produced a range of posters and flyers.



The festival continues to build year on year. Despite torrential rain in 2014 the crowds still came, but not quite reaching the record attendance figures of 2013 when over 6,000 people attended the event on Saturday 29 June, an increase of 20% on 2012. In 2014 94% of the audience said they would recommend the festival to their friends, and 99% said they would attend in 2015, whilst both traders and visitors alike commented on how the festival was marketed…

 The organisers promotion of the event…through local businesses was very well put together and highly successful.  

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