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Having recently stumbled upon @OneMinuteBriefs on Twitter, it’s becoming very addictive!

So, the premise…

  • Think of an advert for the daily brief in one minute
  • Post it on Twitter
  • That’s it!

This brief: Promote the Chip Shop Awards

  • @OneMinuteBriefs Shortlisted
  • Impressions: 2,882
Having the opportunity to share ideas with 27,300+ creative people is such a buzz! Not only to see how an idea/s resonate, but also learn and be incredibly inspired by fellow contributors.

In short…

  • I LOVE IT!

Collaboration is the key, to even more creativity!
If you are free, lets meet up for a cuppa tea!

Creative inspiration

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  • #BetterTogetherMCR
    @OneMinuteBriefs... Create posters to encourage business leaders to work together to safely, carefully and confidently bring their teams back into working environments

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  • #snorkels
    **FIRST @OneMinuteBrief WIN** Behind the idea: Facebook have been reluctant - almost hiding from - a torrent of allegations. The 'f' of their logo, looking like a snorkel, represents them hiding in the sea, asking is it safe to surface yet (are the allegations dying down).

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  • #fences
    @OneMinuteBriefs....Fence made from the golden arches of McDonald's

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  • #WorldNutellaDay
    Reply to a daily @OneMinuteBriefs Behind the idea: Demonstrating how Nutella is full of hazelnuts! If this was fully executed the nuts would explode out of the jar. The copy reinforces the visual.

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