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Welcome to Parasol Marketing!

Aspiring creative with a passion for simple creative campaigns

  • Dogs Trust
    Create a campaign that makes rescue dogs the most desirable breed of dog in Britain...
  • Partner work
    A range of campaigns put together in a team
  • Prince’s Trust
    Get more young people to attend the Get Hired events
  • Remembering Srebrenica case study
  • Crystal Palace Overground Festival case study
  • #ChipShopAwards
    *Shortlisted* @OneMinuteBriefs Behind the idea: One of the USP's of the annual Chip Shop Awards is that it is open to anyone. In 2017 it was won by teacher David Holcroft. This is also the premise of the Round the World Clipper race, whose poster design this mimics.
  • #snorkels
    **FIRST @OneMinuteBrief WIN** Behind the idea: Facebook have been reluctant - almost hiding from - a torrent of allegations. The 'f' of their logo, looking like a snorkel, represents them hiding in the sea, asking is it safe to surface yet (are the allegations dying down).
  • Crocker’s Folly case study
  • Pizza night
    Community poster for Merton Council
  • Shreddies!
    Nestlé, makers of Shreddies/McCann's client, got up close & personal with the 'Knitting Nanas' model, as shown on the Shreddies Facebook page
  • McCann HQ!
    The McCann London HQ made of Shreddies (made by the 'Knitting Nanas')
  • Business cards
    Two Parasol Marketing business cards creating one logo
  • Print collateral
    Creative Marketing Communications
  • #WorldNutellaDay
    Reply to a daily @OneMinuteBriefs Behind the idea: Demonstrating how Nutella is full of hazelnuts! If this was fully executed the nuts would explode out of the jar. The copy reinforces the visual.
  • Merton Council